Nova DC: At a Glance

Our Systematic Crypto strategy employs a short/medium term fully systematic quantitative investment process, deploying capital on publicly traded cryptocurrencies. The strategy seeks to generate profit by capturing the volatile behavior of cryptocurrencies by potentially going long in bull markets and short in bear ones. The investment portfolio targets the constant volatility level in this market.

Our main objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors. We work hard to constantly improve our company, processes, and technology with the final objective of offering competitive and innovative products within this emerging market.

Unique Value Proposition
Most cryptocurrency funds are passive long-only investment funds providing a passive exposure to the crypto asset class. Because of the volatility in cryptocurrencies, these funds can experience substantial losses for prolonged periods of time in case of a bear market. JNM Technologies uses an active fully systematic investment approach which captures both bull and bear market opportunities by going long and short using our advanced statistical signals generated by our proprietary algorithms.

Nova DC Annual Returns

Nova DC Backtesting: 2018 - 2020

Only 1% of capital is at risk at any point during this test.

The starting capital was $1,000,000 and the ending capital was over $3,300,000.

If in 2018 you had invested $100,000 into Nova DC, you would now have $330,000.

If in 2018 you had invested $50,000 into Nova DC, you would now have over $165,000.


If you would have been long bitcoin over this time period, you would be down $638.23 per coin.

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